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The treasure of Miyagi! Restaurants where visitors can enjoy the “Sendai Beef”


Enjoy the best quality branded beef "Sendai beef".

"Sendai Beef" is the name for the best Japanese Black Wagyu nurtured in the rich nature of Miyagi prefecture. Only the beef graded as "A5" and "B5", the highest rank, will be given the title "Sendai beef" which is selected under the strictest criteria such as the balance of marbling and leanness, the color of meat, the fineness of texture and firmness, and fat luster, etc.

Here, we will introduce restaurants where you can eat "Sendai beef", also said to be the treasure of Miyagi, as well as those offering a take home service.
In addition, we will also talk about the auction of the "Sendai Beef Carcass Expo" held only once a year, and the rating of meat, so please have a look at the end.

"Steak House Iseya in S-PAL" Compare the taste of Sendai Beef sirloin and fillet steaks.

You will find all the delicacies of Miyagi prefecture in S-PAL Sendai, located in the basement floor of Sendai Station. The most popular dish at "Steak House Iseya S-PAL", where many tourists stop at to enjoy Sendai Beef, is the "Sendai Beef fillet & sirloin steak set". This menu offers a taste of "fillet" which is only available from 3% of one cattle, as well as the king of steak, "sirloin", on one dish. The restaurant confidently recommends the dish for its content and price, which can only be offered because Sendai beef is produced locally.

The steak is cooked carefully on a charcoal grill, and seasoned simply with salt and pepper. The flavor of the restaurant’s own original soy sauce-based steak sauce, unchanged for 50 years since establishment, is excellent. The "Sendai Beef fillet & sirloin steak set" uses all ingredients of the steak set are produced in Miyagi prefecture including Miyagi grown rice "hitomebore" and Sendai miso (80g of fillet, 100g of sirloin, salad, rice, with miso soup 9,800 yen / incl. tax).

"Sendai Gyu no aburi yaki" is soft rump meat marinated in an Iseya original blend of Sendai and Saikyo miso and roasted slightly over charcoal. It is a delicious dish in which you can enjoy the taste of Sendai Beef. You won’t be able to put down your chopsticks with the mellow taste of Sendai Beef accentuated with miso and enchanting texture.
The shop also has an English menu, making it easy for overseas visitors to order.

(Left) "Sendai Gyu no aburi yaki" finished with a secret miso recipe provided by meat professional (100g 2,500 yen / tax incl.) (Right) A take home pack of miso marinated Sendai Beef that you enjoy (available in the restaurant, the online shop , Sendai Airport, Tohoku Expressway Chojahara Service Area on the way to Iwate prefecture) (140g (50g × 2 pieces + miso 40g) 3,780 yen / tax incl., shipping fee excl.)
The entrance of the shop and the interior of the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal leisurely.

"Teppanyaki Dining TAKA" Teppanyaki steak cooked right in front of you.

"Teppanyaki Dining TAKA" is located on Jozenji-dori Avenue, lined with beautiful zelkova trees. The Sendai Beef steak grilled by experienced chefs at the open kitchen counter is exquisite. At the counter seat you can enjoy a conversation with the chef as well as enjoy seeing and hearing the best Sendai Beef being cooked.

(Left) The iron plate teppanyaki counter filled with sound and aroma (right) Perfectly grilled "Sendai Beef fillet steak topped with foie gras served with truffle sauce" (100g 11,500 yen / tax incl.)

A popular dish on the menu is "Uncured ham of Sendai beef", an original TAKA product made with less than half of the normal salt content, keeping it down to 3%, while maintaining the high-quality taste, rich aroma and texture of Sendai beef. It begins to melt in your mouth and you can taste the sweetness and Umami explode in your mouth. Uncured ham can also be purchased, you may enjoy it at home as a carpaccio salad, yukke rice bowl, or temari sushi. The window seats overlooking the beautiful zelkova trees on Jozenji-dori Avenue are also popular. In December, during the SENDAI Pageant of Starlight, the lights of the illumination spread out in front of you, making dinner here even more special.

(Right) "Taka’s special salad with uncured ham of Sendai beef" (1,620 yen / Tax incl.) (Right) "Taka’s special uncured ham of Sendai beef" (50g 1,620 yen / tax incl.) (Sold online, Sendai Station, Akiu Winery etc.)

"Sukiyaki-Kappo Kato" A long-established restaurant serving exquisite Sendai Beef Sukiyaki.

Kato is a restaurant providing matured beef from directly-managed butcher’s shop with vegetables from the local market and a secret recipe cooking sauce that has been handed down the generations. The Kato style of sukiyaki begins with cooking the vegetables in beef fat and then adding the beef until it is deliciously cooked. Kato has continued to make the cooking sauce the original way for 50 years using local sake and soy sauce, and sugar simmered without boiling and left to rest for over three weeks. The balance of this cooking sauce, Sendai beef and vegetables provides a unique taste typical of this long-established restaurant. Leave the cooking to the restaurant staff – they will advise you the best timing to enjoy this delicious dish.

A popular dish on the menu is the "Sendai beef sukiyaki" which has used beautiful marbled Sendai beef and a secret recipe sauce that has remained unchanged since the restaurant’s founding. The restaurant serves four different types of sukiyaki using different cuts of the meat, and the picture depicts "Sendai beef rib roast" (serving for one 5,500 yen /single item / tax excl.). Course menus with appetizers, side dishes, sashimi, rice and desserts are also available (2,000 yen extra / tax excl.)

Another popular menu of "Kato" is "Sendai beef shabu-shabu". Enjoy melt-in-your-mouth, thickly sliced Sendai beef accompanied with a special home-made ponzu dipping sauce (citrus and soy sauce) and sesame flavored sauce. It is a full-filling dish you can enjoy with a generous serve of locally grown vegetables.

Sendai beef shabu-shabu "Sendai beef rib roast" (serving for one 5,500 yen /single item /tax excl., course for 7,500 yen / tax excl.)
Seats can be chosen from casual table seats, individual rooms or Japanese style rooms depending on your needs.

"Japanese Cuisine Hana Sendai" The roasted aroma of steak’s Umami.

A popular menu of the restaurant "Japanese Cuisine Hana Sendai", offering Japanese style meal near Sendai station, is "Sendai Beef Amiyaki steak". The steak, grilled over a charcoal grill so the flavor remains sealed in the steak, is seasoned with a choice of grated wasabi, ponzu with grated radish or steak sauce. You can order how you would like your steak cooked and the restaurant is popular with the older generation as it is possible to enjoy Sendai Beef with a Japanese influence.

"Sendai Beef Aburiyaki steak", accompanied generously with vegetables (100 g 3,218 yen / tax incl.). The steak is sliced, so it is easy to eat with chopsticks.

A special characteristic of Hana is that along with the finest Sendai Beef, guests can also enjoy seasonal dishes of fresh produce from Sanriku coast. During the day, the cozy restaurant caters for ladies and children and elderly diners enjoying their time leisurely, and in the evening, it is a full-fledged Japanese restaurant for business dinners, businessmen and their guests.

(Left) The entrance to the restaurant welcoming guests with a Japanese-style modern taste (right) A private room where you can relax comfortably (for 2 to 48 people). The restaurant offers seats perfect for business or various celebrations.

"Sushi and Seasonal Cuisine Tachibana" Original Sendai Beef Sushi.

"Sushi and Seasonal Cuisine Tachibana" is a restaurant in the shopping area in the center of Sendai. Guests at the restaurant almost always order slightly roasted Sendai Beef sushi. Miyagi grown rice is topped with marbled Sendai Beef that has been carefully roasted with Bincho charcoal. The sushi with refined marbling lean meat topped with the chef’s especially homemade green onion miso together with the sushi rice creates an exquisite taste of high-quality sweetness and Umami.

(Left) The popular "Sendai beef roast beef nigiri" (600 yen per piece/ tax excl.) (right) "Marbled Sendai Beef with green onion miso" roasted carefully with Bincho charcoal 700 yen per piece/ tax excl.)

Enjoy the famous Miyagi cuisine, "Sendai Zukedon", and the recommended seasonal menu at Tachibana. The taste of Tachibana maintains tradition while incorporating new senses and the variety of sushi and seasonal dishes is loved by many.

The Japanese modern interior of the restaurant, filled with jazz music, is a place where adults can leisurely spend their evening.

"Niku no Itoh" Premium roast beef, popular around the country.

The signature product of the long-established Sendai Beef designated sales "Niku no Itoh" is Sendai Beef served as roast beef. The store receives orders from all over Japan. The highest quality Sendai Beef is carefully prepared by hand and seasoned, and roasted slowly, enhancing the original flavor of the meat so that it can be enjoyed without a sauce. The roast beef produced by expert who know Sendai Beef is a delicacy that is tantalizingly soft but also has the full flavor of Sendai Beef.

"The highest grade A5 rank premium Sendai beef roast beef" (100 g 1,382 yen / tax incl.) (also available at the online shop)

The "highest-grade A5 Sendai Beef 10,000 yen lunch box" is offered with the thought of letting everyone know about the delicious taste of Sendai Beef. The lunch box contains five varieties including high grade marbled beef rib, fillet steak, steak cubes, roast beef and special hamburger steak. The deluxe lunch box allows you to try whole the tastes of Sendai Beef for 10,000 yen. The lunch box is perfect for celebrations and special occasions.

(Left) "The highest grade A5 Sendai beef 10,000 yen lunch box" (10,800 yen for 3 to 4 people / tax incl.) (right) The most popular "highest grade A5 Sendai Beef Ozeki lunch box" for special event held nationwide
(2,160 yen / tax incl.) is a sumptuous lunch box of top grade rib beef and juicy dice steak . *The lunch box must be requested by the day before it is required.

The distribution of "Sendai Beef" begins with a livestock auction of strict rating and quality check.

Sendai Central Meat Wholesale Market is the only wholesale meat market in the Tohoku and Hokkaido areas, and as well as local Miyagi beef cattle, cattle from surrounding prefectures, are transported in. The meat carcasses processed on site at the market are ranked according to the National Common Criteria of the Japan Meat Grading Association before the start of bidding. Only Miyagi prefecture beef ranked with a meat quality grade of "A5" or "B5" are recognized as "Sendai Beef", and the proof of the rank is a "sparrow in bamboo" (*)designed mark stamped onto the meat. Grade 4 and 3 Miyagi prefecture beef is stamped with a Sendai Black Wagyu mark.

(Left) The carcasses displayed at the bidding hall are strictly rated one by one. The buyers then inspect the carcasses before bidding begins. (right) A carcass with the "Sparrow in Bamboo" stamp, proof of Sendai Beef.
*"Sparrow in Bamboo" is one of the family crests of Date Masamune, the first lord of Sendai and the founder of Sendai city. The mark of Sendai Beef is based on this design.

Sendai Central Meat Wholesale Market is the first market in Japan to adopt an automatic bidding method. While the meat producers look on, the buyers inspects the carcasses one by one, referring to its type, production area, weight standard etc., displayed on the display board. After inspecting the carcass first hand. When they find the one they want they can place a bid. The carcasses that have been purchased pass through wholesale routes and then come to us, the consumers.

(Left) 180 beef carcasses were exhibited at the "58th Sendai Beef Carcass Expo with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries" held once a year (held on November 6, 2018). 138 of the carcasses, more than 70%, were certified as "Sendai Beef". (right) The carcasses are sold one after the other in the market place.
*Bidding in the market is not open to visits from the public.

【The definition of Sendai Beef】
Sendai beef refers to healthy cattle which are raised on rich Miyagi rice straw, good quality hay, and other supplementary feed focused on barley, in a clean environment by farmers who are registered to produce Sendai Beef and who conduct appropriate management for each individual animal for three years.
Among the beef cattle, only Japanese Black from the best fattening areas of Miyagi prefecture with the carcass evaluated by the Japan Meat Rating Association (public organization) is rated as "A5" or "B5". Only beef from markets approved by the Sendai Beef Brand Promotion Association and those exhibited in joint exhibitions etc. are referred to as "Sendai Beef". Beef ranked C5 to B3, even if grown under the same circumstances as Sendai Beef, is called "Sendai Black Wagyu".

The carcass grading is evaluated comprehensively considering "yield grade" and "meat quality grade".
■Yield Grade (A-C evaluation)
Firstly, the meat around the bones and extra fat content is removed. Better production efficiency is evaluated by examining the yield which is higher if there is more meat (lean).

■Meat Quality Grade (1-5 evaluation)
The meat is evaluated comprehensively considering four different factors, including "meat color", "texture and firmness of meat", "color and luster of fat", and focusing on "the degree of marbling".

Among the main brands, only Sendai Beef is strictly evaluated to consist of only of grade 5 meat. Kobe Beef, Omi Beef, and Maesawa Beef is branded if it is over grade 4, and Yonezawa beef is grade 3 or higher. Since Matsusaka Beef is evaluated on its own standards, it is not subject to the same meat quality standards.

Why not enjoy the finest "Sendai beef", a top-class Japanese brand of beef with a special person on a special occasion?

Steak House Iseya in S-PAL
S-PAL Basement Restaurant Street, JR Sendai Station, 1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai
休/Open every day
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Teppan Dining TAKA
4 Fl. SK Bldg., 1-5 Kasugamachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai(A 6 minute walk from Kotodai-koen Station on the Namboku subway line)
Open/11:30~14:30(Last Order 14:00)、17:00~23:00(Last Order 22:30)
Closed/End of year and new year holidays
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Sukiyaki-Kappo Kato
1st Fl. Kamisugi Park Mansion, 1-14-20 Kamisugi, Aoba-ku, Sendai (3 minutes walk from Kita-Yonbancho Station on the Namboku subway line)
Open/11:30~14:00、17:00~21:00(Last Order 20:45)
Closed/Sundays and Public Holidays
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Japanese Cuisine Hana Sendai
B1 Fl. Sendai Toho Bldg., 2-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai(4 minutes walk from JR Sendai Station, 1 minute walk from No. 4 exit of Sendai Station on the Namboku subway line)
Open/Mon.~Fri.11:00~14:30, 17:00~23:00 Sat.11:00~23:00 Sundays and Public Holidays 11:00~22:00(Last Order is 30 minutes before closing times)
Closed/January 1st
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Sushi and Seasonal Cuisine Tachibana
5 Fl. Tachibana Bldg., 3-3-25 Ichiban-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai (5 minutes walk from Hirose-dori Station on the Namboku subway line)
Open/11:30~14:00,17:00~22:00(Sundays and Public Holidays:21:00)
Closed/Open every day
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Niku no Itoh
1-6-8 Komegafukuro, Aoba-ku, Sendai
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Sendai Central Meat Wholesale Market Co., Ltd
6-3-6 Ogimachi, Miyagino-ku, Sendai
Open/ From 9:30
Closed/Sat・Sun・Public holidays
*Visits by the general public not accepted
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*This article has been prepared base on information as of November, 2018.