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Discover SENDAI photo contest is coming! (City of Sendai)


The city of Sendai has held a photo contest on Instagram from August 6th to October 31st.
The aim of the contest is discovering places to visit and things to do and buy for foreign people, especially for tourists in Sendai.
So if you have any interesting pictures to share with them, please post it!
You can post as many pictures as you want.
If you win the contest, you can get a hot springs hotel voucher!
We’re preparing some more prizes for the contest and I wish this will persuade you to participate.
For the details, please refer to the URL. Thank you.


Entry period
Monday, August 6, midnight (Japan time) ~ Wednesday, October 31, midnight (Japan time)


Entry themes
(1)Natural scenery(#sendai_view):
A picture depicting natural scenery or landscape that reflects the charm of Sendai through the change of seasons.
A picture portraying Sendai’s history, architecture or townscape.
(3)Sendai Snap(#sendai_snap):
A picture portraying everyday/familial scenes of Sendai’s fun lifestyle, culture, food etc.


Entry Requirements
・It must be a photo taken by yourself.
・The photo must be taken within Sendai City.
・It must not be a photo submitted to another contest.
・The photo must not have won any other awards or been sold/published in magazines etc.


Entry Procedure
STEP1:Install the Instagram App to your smartphone etc. (App Store)(Google Play)
STEP2:Follow the official ‘Discover SENDAI photo contest’ account(@discover_sendai)
STEP3:Take a photo and upload it to Instagram, including hastags ①~④ in your post.
(1) #discover_sendai
(2) #photo theme (#sendai_view, #sendai_city or #sendai_snap)
(3) #photo location (eg. #akiuonsen, #kokubuncho etc.)
(4) #your home country (eg. #Thailand, #USA etc.)


Announcement of Results
Scheduled for the end of November


Terms and Conditions
・Please note that competition entries may be published, reprinted or subjected to transmission rights indefinitely and without compensation by Sendai City for promotional purposes etc. Applicants are requested not to claim rights based on personal ownership of the photos to Sendai City.
・In regard to the above mentioned uses, competition entries may be subject to editing/alteration such as trimming, application of filters and effects and use with music and sound effects, without seeking consent of the applicant.
・Applicants retain ownership of all copyrighted written material. Moreover, prior permission from the rightful beneficiary is assumed in regard to use of portraits, including secondary uses described in the entry guidelines.


Discover SENDAI photo contest