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Loved by the locals – 8 must-try confectioneries you can order from Sendai, Miyagi Vol. 1


Whether it’s for business or leisure, spread of Novel Coronavirus has affected travel to Sendai and it is unfortunate you won’t be able to experience the beautiful colors or seasonal delicacies of autumn in Sendai. However, wherever you are, you can enjoy the flavors of Sendai by ordering from home.
Among the varieties of food you can order from Sendai, Miyagi, we will feature confectioneries in 2 issues. From Japanese sweets made by a well-known century-old teahouse to modern sweets created by an innovative patissier using local ingredients, you’ll be able to order all types of confectionaries loved by locals then have them delivered to your home to enjoy!

Try it once and you’ll soon come back for more - Daifuku with fresh cream fillings.

Established in 1920, "Igeta" is one of the long-established teahouses representing Sendai. With the vision of "Quality first tea making", Igeta has been producing high quality teas under strict quality control. In 1971, first among other competitors, Igeta installed refrigerators to keep the freshness of tea leaves which allowed the company to sell the first picked tea of the season throughout the year. Like these teas, creatively made tea sweets are also Igeta’s specialties. With its fresh made taste lasting for a month when frozen, "Kikufuku" is a popular confection even among visitors from other prefectures. This rice cake sweet made with Miyagi’s "Miyakogane" sticky rice, has an overwhelming rich flavor of stone-milled Matcha cream and bean paste from carefully selected red beans.
The sweet will be ready to eat after an hour of natural thawing. Indulge in the taste of fluffy rice cake with a fresh Matcha aroma and smooth red bean paste which melts in your mouth. Since there are many flavors such as fresh cream, Zunda (sweet green bean paste) fresh cream, Houjicha (roasted tea) fresh cream along with the classic Matcha flavor, why not try them all and find your favorite?

Classic favorite Matcha cream "Kikufuku"(set of 8 is 1,028 yen/tax incl.). Keep frozen and consume within 30 days (keep refrigerated and consume within 48 hours after thawing and consume within 48 hours).

Custard pudding made with homegrown eggs.

"Kakeien" specializes in drug-free chicken breeding, apart from vaccination, using only safe feed such as carefully selected high-quality fish meal and roasted soybean flour with live bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria. Eggs laid by the attentively bred chickens are loved by the locals, whom remark they have no distinctive smell and are easy to eat. Behind the birth of this homemade custard pudding is the desire to let more people know of these magnificent eggs that can be consumed safely every day. Once sold at the local festival, the custard pudding soon became popular for its good taste, so "Kakeien" decided to sell the custard pudding on a large scale. To create the rich taste and smooth texture, only yolk is used when making the custard pudding. Ingredients are simply sugar, fresh cream and plenty of milk produced in the local Tohoku region. You can taste the mildness of the egg in this soft textured custard pudding with no additives or fragrances used.

"Kakeien Custard Pudding" (1 piece 250 yen/tax incl.) Add the caramel sauce for richer flavor. Consume within 6 days.

Yubeshi with a distinctive texture made by a traditional Japanese confectionery store.

Since Miyagi is a rice growing region, the long-established "Kansendo" confectionery store in Natori city has been producing various Japanese confectioneries with local quality sticky rice. Among these are "Kurumi( Walnut) Yubeshi", a flagship product which has been sold in department stores all over Japan. The sweet’s most distinct feature is its firm texture which is unique to these rice cakes. This texture is created by steaming the selected high quality sticky rice with just the right amount of water and carefully kneading the ingredients. The roasted aroma of kneaded walnuts in the rice cake and the simple soy sauce flavor is the perfect combination. Specially produced Yubeshi with seasonal ingredients like the strawberry and yuzu are also popular. Striving to bring out the best flavors of the original ingredients, "Kansendo" Yubeshi is made with a minimum of artificial preservatives and additives, instead focusing on its ingredients, texture and sense of season to charm its many fans.

"Kurumi( Walnut) Yubeshi" made with the traditional and original method (set of 15 is 2,192 yen/tax incl.). Consume within 8 days.

Addictive rich taste of Sendai Miso with Caramel.

Sendai Miso making dates back to when the first lord of Sendai Clan, Date Masamune – known for being a gourmet, ordered Miso breweries to be constructed in downtown Sendai. Since its establishment in 1854, "Sasaju" has been preserving its traditional method of making Sendai style Miso, a salty red Miso variety, from rice malt and soybeans for over 160 years. This additive-free, fresh Miso is made from the powerful combination of Koji mold and yeast microbes found in the Miso warehouse. Our Miso is rich in flavor and loved by many for its good taste as it is. Hoping for many more to enjoy this premium flavor easily, "Sasaju" decide to make the "Miso Caramel". Since this sweet is made from real strained Sendai Miso, the smell is exactly like the company’s authentic local miso. As it is slightly firm, slowly melt the caramel in your mouth and you can leisurely enjoy the rich taste and mellow sweetness of Miso. Once you taste this richness, you will not be interested in having ordinary caramel ever again.

"Sendai Miso Caramel" Box 300g (823 yen/tax incl.) Consume within 6 months.

Home-made strained red bean paste and walnuts – the perfect match for deep-fried sweet buns

"Tsutsumiya", Japanese confectionery store and factory located in the outskirts of downtown Sendai, is famous for its home-made red bean paste made from carefully selected ingredients. Its specialty "Tsutsumi-age" was born when the store began its business back in 1988 and decided to make an original sweet with their high quality red bean paste. Smooth textured red bean paste made of red beans from Tokachi in Hokkaido is wrapped with a dough made of butter, milk and flour, then deep-fried. Unlike usual deep-fried sweet buns where the dough is moist, "Tsutsumi-age"dough is crispy. Chunky walnut matches the subtle taste of strained red bean paste and mild flavor of dough. Although it’s a Japanese sweet, it goes well with teas and coffees. Adding more sugar to the product would increase how long the sweetness lasts, yet to keep the natural taste of the ingredients, products of "Tsutsumiya" are only lightly sweetened. "Tsutsumiya" is proud to highlight the fresh and original taste and flavor of its ingredients.

Lightly sweetened and easy to eat "Tsutsumi-age" (set of 10 is 1,500 yen/tax incl.). Consume within 7 days (when stored at room temperature).

Hand baked Sendai Rice Crackers by a skilled confectionery chef.

Starting as a grain dealer and wholesale rice dealer in 1688 during the early Edo period, it was the 13th generation owner who fulfilled the long-awaited dream of establishing the Japanese tea specialty store "Bashoen" in 1941. Along with offering good quality tea leaves, this well-known store frequented by tea-loving locals sells Japanese tea and tea utensils for everyday use to perform tea ceremonies as well as handmade confectioneries to go with the tea. Favored by many at this store is the "Sendai Hand-baked Rice Cracker" which has been made in Sendai by a local confectionery chef for over 50 years. There are 5 flavors and each cracker is handmade one by one from dough making to baking. Almond and pumpkin flavored rice crackers are crispy and taste like cookies. Since brown sugar, Shiso and ginger flavored rice crackers have a firm texture, the skill required to consistently bake handmade crackers that each have a slightly different flavor according to their base ingredients can only be accomplished by a master confectionery chef. Either way, all the rice crackers are simple yet aromatic and lightly sweetened, making you want to pick up another one or two to snack on.

"Sendai Hand-grilled Rice Cracker" Perfect match with Japanese tea of "Bashoen"(1 bag is 216 yen/tax incl.). Consume within 2 months.

Mame Daifuku with coffee and umami salt.

"Hattori Coffee Foods" was established in Sendai city in 1955, serving in-house roasted coffee with beans they have selected after travelling to meet the farmers abroad. In pursuit of expanding Tohoku region’s food culture, the company has also been producing a variety of food products. To draw on their experiences with coffee and food, they have produced an original brand of sweets called "Sendai Morino-Kaori Honpo", which are confectioneries made of Hattori’s original coffee and the mineral-rich umami salt Date-no Umajio from Ishinomaki city, Miyagi. Among the lineup is the popular "Salt Coffee Mame Daifuku". Whole red bean paste made of coffee and Date-no Umajio with rich cream is wrapped with pea-kneaded soft rice cake dough. Mame Daifuku, with its complex mix of flavors which melt in your mouth to leave a lasting rich taste, is a fine confectionary recommended to be enjoyed with aromatic coffee.

"Salt Coffee Mame Daifuku"- Salt enhances the red bean paste’s sweetness (set of 6 is 1,080 yen/tax incl.). Keep frozen and consume within 1 year (consume within 48 hours after thawing).

New texture cookie made with Belcolade chocolate.

"Monsieur Masuno Aparjon" values the blessings of nature and makes popular confectioneries using both local Miyagi ingredients and ingredients from all around the world. Not being caught up with the stereotypical way of making sweets, the open-minded owner and chef Masuno Hideaki has been producing a number of original sweets from cakes to baked goods.
Among these is the flagship product "Torokeru Cookie" ("Melty Cookie"). 60% of dough is made of "Belcolade", the fine Belgian chocolate, making the cookie’s texture unique. The moment you put the cookie inside your mouth, the dough melts and you taste the rich chocolate flavor. There are a total of 12 flavors including Kinako (roasted soybean flour), Matcha, Café Latte and strawberry. Especially the fruit flavored cookies baked carefully with a low temperature reflects the best use of secret recipes developed through many sweets-making experiences, where you can taste the pride of "Monsieur Masuno Aparjon".

"Torokeru Cookie"("Melty Cookie") Pairs of 12 different flavors (set of 24 is 3,197 yen/tax incl.). Consume within 3 months.

*Prices shown are applicable as of 9th October, 2020.

Ocha-no Igeta Ichibancho Honten
3-8-11 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai city
TEL/ 022-261-1351
Open/ 10:00〜19:30(Café space: 18:00 Last order)
Closed/ –
How to order/ TEL, FAX, Online( Free delivery in Japan for orders over 12,000 (tax incl.))
Parking/ None
Access/ 5 minute walk from Hirose-dori Station on the Namboku Subway Line
HP/ https://www.kikusuian.com/
*External link
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Kakeien Head Office Factory Store
2-2-30, Mikamine, Taihaku-ku, Sendai city
TEL/ 022-244-3441
Open/ 8:30~18:30
Closed/ –
How to order/ Online
Parking/ 5 spots
Access/ 8 minute drive from Nagamachi-Minami Station on the Namboku Subway Line
HP/ https://kakeien.com/index_pc.htm
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Kansendo Natori Factory Store
132 Kashima, Shimoyoden, Natori city
TEL/ 022-381-6561
Open/ 10:00~17:00 (operating under shortened business hours)
Closed/ –
How to order/ TEL, Online( Free delivery in Japan for orders over  10,000 (tax incl.))
Parking/ 10 spots
Access/ 4 minute drive from Natori Station on the JR Line
HP/ https://www.kansendo.co.jp/
*External link
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Sasaju Honten
2-8-5 Honcho, Aoba-ku, Sendai city
TEL/ 022-264-3310
Open/ 10:00~18:30
Closed/ Thursdays
How to order/ TEL, FAX, E-mail, Online
Parking/ None
Access/ 5 minute walk from Hirose-dori Station on the Namboku Subway Line
HP/ http://www.sasaju.co.jp/
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Tsutsumiya Honten
2-13-12 Ochiai, Aoba-ku, Sendai city
TEL/ 022-392-9655
Open/ 8:30~18:30
Closed/ –
How to order/ TEL, FAX, E-mail, Online
Parking/ 5 spots
Access/ 3 minute walk from Rikuzen-Ochiai Station on the JR Line
HP/ http://www.tutumiya.co.jp/
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2-4-15 Kokubuncho, Aoba-ku, Sendai
TEL/ 022-223-2889
Open/ 9:00~18:00 & Holiday 13:00~17:00
Closed/ Sundays
How to order/ TEL, FAX, E-mail
Parking/ None
Access/ 7 minute walk from Kotodai Station on the on the Namboku Subway Line
HP/ https://bashoen.jp/
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Omiyage Dokoro Sendai 6gou
3F JR Sendai Station, 1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai city
TEL/ 022-716-5751
Open/ 6:00~21:50
Closed/ Open all-year-round
How to order/ Hattori Coffee Foods website
Parking/ None
Access/ Concourse area of Shinkansen Central Gate at 3F of JR Sendai Station
HP/ https://hattori-cf.jp/daifuku/
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Monsieur Masuno Aparjon Sendai Izumi Yaotome Branch
3-9-15 Yaotome-Chuo, Izumi-ku, Sendai city
TEL/ 022-776-7727
Open/ 9:30~19:30, Sundays & Holidays 9:30~19:00
Closed/ –
How to order/ Online( Free delivery in Japan for orders over 5,400 (tax incl.))
Parking/ 7 spots
Access/ 5 minute walk from Yaotome Station on the Namboku Subway Line
HP/ https://www.arpajon-sendai.com/product/
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