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Sukiyaki-Kappo Kato

Kato is a restaurant providing matured beef from directly-managed butcher’s shop with vegetables from the local market and a secret recipe cooking sauce that has been handed down the generations. The Kato style of sukiyaki begins with cooking the vegetables in beef fat and then adding the beef until it is deliciously cooked. Kato has continued to make the cooking sauce the original way for 50 years using local sake and soy sauce, and sugar simmered without boiling and left to rest for over three weeks. The balance of this cooking sauce, Sendai beef and vegetables provides a unique taste typical of this long-established restaurant. Leave the cooking to the restaurant staff – they will advise you the best timing to enjoy this delicious dish.

1st Fl. Kamisugi Park Mansion, 1-14-20 Kamisugi, Aoba-ku, Sendai
11:30~14:00、17:00~21:00(Last Order 20:45)
Sundays and Public Holidays